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Salestracker Mobile

Sales and Marketing On-the-Go

In today’s frantic, fast-paced business world your team need to have their fingers on the pulse. Sales, marketing and customer support is all about, now. Sales leads need following up, now. Customers need an answer, now. You need to know what’s going on, now.

Insight Data is proud to launch Salestracker Mobile, a revolutionary new tool that will transform your sales and marketing performance.

Prospect Data Updated Live in Real-time

Forget prospect lists and spreadsheets. Salestracker Mobile has your entire prospect database built-in and updated live in real-time. It’s the most accurate and relevant prospect data in the UK with in-depth information, market intelligence and full contact details.

Search Any Company, Anywhere

Give your team access to Salestracker Mobile and they can instantly search for companies and contacts, view records with in-depth information and see where they are on a map, without getting their laptop or tablet computer out.

Location, Location, Location

Arrive at a location and get an instant snapshot of what’s happening around you. Tap one button to show a map of your prospects, leads or customers in close proximity to your current location, with a route planner to take you straight to your target prospect/customer.

Faster, Easier, More Productive

Get leads straight to your phone, manage customer relations and get sales organised with tasks, notes, reminders and ‘one touch’ call or email. Plus clever new features such as ‘favourites’ and ‘recently viewed’ that make Salestracker Mobile an indispensable tool.

Do More Business, Wherever You Are

Now your office and field-based team can work together with seamless two-way integration. Sales admin, marketing, accounts and customer services use the desktop version at the office, and Salestracker mobile is instantly updated for mobile users.

Meanwhile field sales and support staff can add notes, updates and set tasks within seconds of leaving a meeting, and it’s instantly available to everyone – no more waiting to access your computer at home!

Use on Almost Any Smartphone

With both a dedicated iPhone App and a mobile-web App that runs on almost any smartphone, Salestracker Mobile combines all the power of the Insight prospect database and our online CRM system on your phone.

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Your Questions Answered

How many users can it have?

Salestracker is fully scalable with any number of individual users for both desktop and mobile versions, and you can set restrictions and permissions for each user. Many companies now use Salestracker within their customer services, admin, and accounts departments in addition to sales and marketing.

Can the system run on 3G?

Salestracker Mobile was designed specifically for 3G enabled Smartphones and optimised for high-speed access. It will also operate using Wi-Fi.

Can Salestracker Mobile access all Insight Databases?

Yes, Salestracker Mobile gives access to all the databases you are subscribed to. If you would like to learn more about our fabricator/installer, architects, general builders, house-builders or main-contractors databases contact us here.

How much is Salestracker Mobile?

It depends on your subscription and number of users. You can add additional users from just £25 per month with full access to data and CRM.

We already use a CRM, can I use Salestracker Mobile?

Some companies don’t realise that the latest edition of Salestracker, Version 3, has a powerful CRM system built in. It replaces your existing CRM and brings together all your prospect data, marketing, sales and customer service in one online, secure system. And with full mobile integration, it will transform your sales and marketing!

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Throughout October Insight Data is providing free training* for companies wishing to use Salestracker to take their business to the next level. Book your training session now.

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